Elon Musk Challenges Putin to a Fight with the Winner Taking Ukraine


Elon Musk has challenged President Vladimir Putin to a fight for Ukraine.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters day 19, the SpaceX founder has taken to Twitter to summon the Russian president ‘to single combat’ setting the ‘stakes’ as Ukraine. He tweeted, using the Russian alphabet:

Later, tweeting and tagging the Russian President:

“[Do you agree to this fight]?”

Since February 24th, when Putin sent troops across the border, the 50-year-old billionaire has not been shy about his views on the war, taking to social media to mock the boss of Russia’s space agency.

In order to aid the Ukrainian people, Musk also sent shipments of a satellite-based internet system to make the internet service more reliable in areas which have been badly impacted due to bombing and fighting.

President Volodymyr Zelensky video called the Tesla CEO to thank him for his help and inviting him to visit Ukraine once the war is over.


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