Elon Musk Reacts to AI Showing Him and Mark Zuckerberg with a ‘Good Ending’


Elon Musk has given his response to the amusing AI-generated images featuring himself and his rival Mark Zuckerberg enjoying a romantic beach outing.

The two billionaire tech moguls have had a far from amicable relationship.

Not only are they set to face off in a cage fight at an undisclosed location, but their respective platforms have also been in direct competition recently.

Musk, the owner of Twitter, has made several changes to the platform since acquiring it in October 2022, which has garnered criticism from long-time users, including the controversial sale of verification badges.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and CEO of Meta, successfully launched Threads, which is widely seen as an unofficial alternative to Twitter.

Threads shares many similarities with Twitter, allowing users to post, share, like, and follow others.

Meta has described the app as an expansion of the best features of Instagram to include text.

Given the strained relationship between the two men, it comes as quite a surprise to see images circulating online depicting them holding hands on a beach and embracing each other by the sea.

The AI-generated images, shared by Twitter user Sir Doge of the Coin, are a comical departure from reality.

The picture collage portrays Musk and Zuckerberg wearing similar neutral-colored outfits consisting of casual t-shirts and jeans as they take a leisurely stroll along the beach and frolic in the water.

The images are undeniably adorable and picturesque, but they are entirely fabricated, much to the disappointment of those who would like to see the two men get along, at least for once. The post has garnered over 7 million views on Musk’s platform, with 17,300 retweets and 143,500 likes as of the time of writing.

Musk must have come across the tweet on his timeline as he responded with a simple ‘laugh-while-crying’ emoji.

The interpretation of this emoji can vary widely. Does Musk find the images amusing? Is he taken aback? Does he find them so absurd that he can’t believe his eyes? All these reactions are plausible.

Musk's reaction. Credit: Twitter/@elonmusk

Musk’s reaction to the AI-generated images follows his challenge to Zuckerberg for a competition, as he suggested a “d**k measuring contest” and proposed a “cage match” between the two.

Last week, Musk began hurling insults at the Facebook founder, referring to him as a “cuck.” This term, short for “cuckold,” is associated with infidelity or having sexual relations with someone else’s partner. Although it has no direct connection to Twitter or Threads, it has become a popular insult among those leaning towards the right-wing.

Musk took things a step further by replying to his own tweet with a below-the-belt comment directed at Zuckerberg, suggesting a literal d**k measuring contest between them.


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