Escaped Alabama Inmate Captured, Prison Guard Dead From Self-Inflicted Injuries


An escaped Alabama prisoner was captured and the prison guard who allegedly helped him escape died of a self-inflicted injury.

On Monday, it was confirmed by the Vanderburgh County Coroners Office that the prison guard has died from self-inflicted injuries.

Vicky White allegedly helped inmate and suspected murderer Casey White escape.

In a TV report, speaking before White took her own life, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said:

“i had every bit of trust in vicky white, she has been an EXEMPLARY employee and what in the world provoked her…promoted her to pull a stunt like this i don’t know…”

“when they violate that trust i don’t know how you can predict that…we had the policies, policy is a piece of paper it can’t prevent anything”

“you just don’t know people sometimes…”

The local sheriff in Evansville, Indiana said Vicky shot herself when the vehicle she and the escaped prisoner were in became rammed by police.

The pair were located at a local hotel and the police say they were tipped off on the couple’s location by a civilian.

The alleged murderer who had escaped from prison last month and the guard who had allegedly helped in his escape were captured in an Indiana cornfield, as cited by FOX59.

Singleton said the prisoner had been taken into custody after he surrendered and the prison guard was taken to a local hospital, where she sadly died.

Watch report below:

As TMZ reported, authorities say the pair were in a relationship and Vicky White drove him away under false pretenses. They were on the run for 11 days.


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