Eva Mendes is Returning to Acting But is Refusing to Make Movies with ‘Sexuality or Violence’


Eva Mendes is returning to acting but says she is refusing to make movies with ‘sexualtiy or violence’.

It has been eight years since the 48-year-old starred in any film. Her last appearance on the silver screen was in 2014’s Lost River.

Since her hiatus from acting, the Miami born star has been raising her two daughters that she shares with partner Ryan Gosling.

Mendes said during a recent interview with The View hosts that she is thinking about returning to the big screen, although it comes with some conditions.

She refuses to take any roles that have “sexuality” or “violence” in them.

While discussing her home life with mega star Ryan Gosling, as well as her other business endeavours, Mendes was asked if we would see her again in the world of film.

Mendes said:

“I have such a short list of what i will do…now i don’t wanna do violence i don’t wanna do sexuality…”

The actress was asked:

“if there’s a special project, will we see you again?”

To which she responded:

“I hope so…it has to be nice and clean…”

Watch below:

Would you like to see Eva Mendes in film again?


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