Everyone’s Comparing The Bidens’ Christmas Decorations To The Trumps’


Everything the President does during their time leading the country is always compared to the President before them… even Christmas decorations apparently.

As the Bidens revealed pictures of the White House fully decorated for the holidays, people on Twitter couldn’t help but compare them to the Trumps. And people were torn over who impressed most.


How much did your Christmas tree cost this year? $50? $100? $200? $300 maybe? Probably around that, right?

Well, to be fair, you’re not the President of the United States.

The cost of the Christmas tree that’s been delivered to the White House has caused outrage online.

Dr Jill Biden shared an Instagram photo of the humongous tree being delivered to the White House by horse and carriage.

The tree will live in the Blue Room of the house, and will be decorated in accordance with a theme chosen by the First Lady.

According to federal documents obtained by TMZ, the National Park Service paid $139,000 to have the Biden’s Christmas tree located, transported and transplanted.

And that’s without it being decorated.

The White House reportedly also spent $41,000 on decorations.

And people on Twitter were not happy about so much of taxpayers’ money being spent on the tree.

And of course, a lot of people have been wondering how it compares to the price of Trump’s tree. And it was actually $20,000 cheaper than Trump’s, whose cost $160,000 when he was President.


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