Ex-Mets Ace Matt Harvey Dumped by Model Girlfriend Monica Clarke after He Became ‘Obsessed’ with New Job


Former Mets star Matt Harvey finds himself not only separated from his baseball career but also from his whirlwind romance with model Monica Clarke. Recent reports suggest that Clarke has called it quits with Harvey, mirroring the Mets’ decision to part ways with the once-celebrated pitcher.

The duo, who had been virtually inseparable throughout the summer, has now chosen different paths. It appears that Harvey’s new job took precedence, leading to their split. An insider shared, “It just didn’t make sense overall. He just became obsessed with his new job.”

Once hailed as a mound prodigy, Harvey faced his share of challenges both on and off the field. The pitcher’s turbulent journey, marked by admissions of cocaine use and struggles with pain pills during his tenure with the Mets, has led to his transformation into a real estate executive. He secured a position with prominent property giant Newmark, marking a significant shift in his professional pursuits.

In May, it was reported that Harvey had assumed the role of managing director in Newmark’s Capital Markets Strategies division. This transition appears to have absorbed his focus, contributing to the end of his romantic involvement with Clarke.

Clarke, who also works as the head of membership for the trendy downtown club Zero Bond, shared a romantic connection with Harvey. Despite the conclusion of their romantic relationship, their paths may continue to cross due to Harvey’s frequent visits to Zero Bond, the members club owned by Scott Sartiano where Clarke is employed.

Harvey’s off-the-field life has been as eventful as his baseball career. He was associated with a series of high-profile personalities, including Adriana Lima, Victoria’s Secret Angel Devon Windsor, Sports Illustrated model Anne V, and other notable figures. Meanwhile, Clarke’s past linked her to “Outlander” heartthrob Sam Heughan.

Harvey’s legal involvement in an investigation surrounding the drug-related death of former LA Angels teammate Tyler Skaggs has added complexity to his personal history. Harvey admitted to providing Skaggs with Percocet on one occasion and confessed to his own use of cocaine and Percocet. These revelations led to a 60-game suspension.

His departure from the Mets in 2018 marked the end of an era, and now, with his recent split from Monica Clarke, Harvey faces yet another transition in his journey beyond baseball.


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