Expert Analysis Of Famous 1967 Bigfoot Footage Brings Surprising Results


New analysis of the most famous ever Bigfoot footage has yielded some very surprising results.

The original Bigfoot footage dates all the way back to 1967, more than 50 years ago.

Now using much more advanced technology available to date, The History Channel show The Proof Is Out There episode titled “Bigfoot Revealed” challenged experts to take a closer look.

Dr. Meldrum said:

“There are details that are very distinctive of the way in which this ‘Patty’ creature walks,”

“One of the characteristics that seem to distinguish the Sasquatch foot from the human is the lack of an arch, a longitudinal arch, which is kind of a springboard creating a more stable platform in the human foot.”

“That lead foot where you can see this upward turning of the toes at the last part of the swing phase just before the foot comes in contact with the substrate. This is a remarkable detail that the film has made more evident.”

“I am struck as an anatomist by the massive size of these trapezius muscles and their intermediate attachment on the back of the skull. This is not a human configuration at all but something that is intermediate between a human and a great ape.”

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