Expert Reveals How Pete Davidson Dates So Many Beautiful Women


Pete Davidson is reportedly dating model Emily Ratajkowski.

After his very public break up with reality billionaire Kim Kardashian the SNL host is allegedly moved on to famous 31-year-old model.

A source told US Weekly:

“Pete and Emily have been talking for a couple months now,”

“Pete makes Emily laugh and he loves how intelligent she is,”

Adding that they are “in the very early stages, but both really like each other.”

The rumors started flying around after the pair were spotted “holding hands” while seemingly on a date in Brooklyn over the weekend, as shared by an anonymous tip Instagram account @DeuxMoi.

The model filed for divorce from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September.

Davidson of course, has a history of dating famous and beautiful women, from Kim K, to Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Kaia Gerber and more.

Body Language expert Judi James has explained what makes the comedian so alluring to so many attractive women. The stand-up has a “powerful Alpha vibe” and the fact he has a reputation for rebound and “measures his relationships in months instead of years” makes him “like catnip” for Hollywood stars.

James also added that his ability to laugh at himself and not take himself too seriously is “therapeutic” in an industry full of “toxic” men.


Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why Pete Davidson’s So Attractive To Women


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