Family Praised for Not Giving Up Land Despite Being Offered Millions


When it comes to sentimental purchases, homes are definitely up there as one of the biggest.

Many see their home as a lifelong investment that will be passed down to the next generation, then the next, then the next…and so on.

Edith Macefield was a lady who knew all too well about the sentimental and emotional attachment vs. the monetary value of a home. Macefield was an 84-year-old woman who lived in Seattle and went viral online due to refusing to sell her home to developers that wanted to build a mall on her block.

Sadly, Macefield passed away, but members of the public knew and loved the home and her story so much, that the developed decided to keep the house standing after much public complaint.

Proving that some things simply have no price tag.

The same is true for an Australian family who turned down a large sum of money to give up their property and land.

The Zammit family refused to sell their two-hectare plot of land and family home in Ponds.

See below:

Credit: India Times

The property has a large front and back lawn with a 200-metre driveway leading up to the family home and a triple garage.

You can see the houses that have been built around the Zammit family home by the developers below:

Credit: India Times

Despite being frustrated, many developers also praise the family. Ray White Quakers Hill agent Taylor Bredin told 7News: 

“The fact that most people sold out years and years ago, these guys have held on. All credit to them,”

Would you give up your house for a large sum of money?


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