Fans Accuse Khloe Kardashian Of ‘Hiding Her Hands’ In Topless Instagram Photo After Being Trolled


Khloe Kardashian has responded perfectly to trolls who were mocking her hands in a recent Instagram post

The Kardashian sister, who people love to hate, posted a picture of her sat in her car, and the comments section was flooded with trolls making jokes about her hands.

The reality star then uploaded a completely topless photo the platform, in which she seems to be hiding her hands.

And naturally, the trolls came back calling her out for hiding them.

But, we have to say, fair play to Khloe, because instead of ignoring the hate, she clapped back.

One troll wrote in the comments ‘Oh lord, she’s hiding her hands,’ to which Khloe responded: ‘lol never. My hands are beautiful baby.’

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