Fans Saying Same thing about Upcoming Polly Pocket Movie Starring Lily Collins


Following the tremendous success of the ‘Barbie’ movie, Mattel has exciting plans to bring yet another beloved doll to the silver screen.

Making way for Polly Pocket, the popular line of dolls and accessories acquired by Mattel in 1998, this film promises to be a delightful addition to the growing list of blockbuster films based on iconic toys.

As with Barbie, Polly Pocket evolved into a multimedia franchise, encompassing animated movies and captivating books. The announcement of the Polly Pocket movie came in June 2021, sparking anticipation among fans. While the film is still in the works, we already have some exciting details about the cast and creative team.

Taking on the role of Polly Pocket herself is the talented Lily Collins, known for her performance in ‘Emily in Paris.’ In an Instagram post, Collins expressed her enthusiasm for the project, revealing her childhood obsession with Polly Pockets. She posted a charming childhood photo of herself and creatively superimposed an image of her inside a Polly Pocket toy, making it clear that this project is truly a dream come true for her.

The visionary behind the movie is none other than Lena Dunham, the creator of the popular series ‘Girls,’ who is both directing and writing the script.

Dunham expressed her personal connection to Polly Pocket, as the tiny toy allowed her countless hours of childhood escapism and imaginative storytelling. She shared her excitement about revisiting these cherished concepts now as a director, aiming to create a smart and playful film that resonates with young women without condescension.

Lily Collins is not only starring in the film but is also donning the producer’s hat, contributing her expertise and passion to the project.

Overseeing the film for Mattel Films are Robbie Brenner and Kevin McKeon, while Sandino Moya-Smith and Winnie Carrillo lead the charge for MGM. Liz Watson and Michael P. Cohen from Good Thing Going will serve as executive producers, ensuring a well-rounded and talented team brings Polly Pocket to life on the big screen.

The heartwarming story of the film centers on the friendship between a young girl and a pocket-sized woman. Collins shared her excitement about reintroducing Polly Pocket to the world in a fun and contemporary way, skillfully adapting the tiny toys into a larger-than-life cinematic experience.

Speaking about the collaboration with Lily Collins and Lena Dunham, Robbie Brenner expressed her admiration for the two talented women. Their collaborative efforts have led to a fantastic script that promises an incredible cinematic journey. Though the film’s release date is yet to be announced, the team is eager to begin production once the industry gets back on track after the WGA and SAG strikes.

Fans of the Barbie movie have all been saying the same thing, however. Many fans are unsure if the success of the Margot Robbie film can be recreated.

One fan said:

While another added:

A third said:

With Dunham diligently putting the finishing touches on the script, the movie will explore the enchanting encounter between a small person and a vast world, hinting at a delightful and imaginative plot. Fans eagerly await Polly Pocket’s grand debut, eagerly anticipating the joy and magic the film will bring to audiences of all ages.


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