Fans Think Tom Hanks Should Have Won Oscar For Performance in New Netflix Movie


Viewers of the film A Man Called Otto on Netflix are expressing their disappointment and disbelief that Tom Hanks was not nominated for an Oscar for his heart-wrenching performance in the movie.

The 2022 film, which recently became available on Netflix, has captivated audiences with its deeply emotional story.

However, fans cannot comprehend why Hanks’ exceptional portrayal did not receive more recognition. Many are questioning why his performance in this film was not celebrated during award season.

For those who have yet to watch the film, the trailer provides a glimpse into the touching narrative:

A Man Called Otto is based on the book A Man Called Ove, as well as the Swedish film adaptation that received an Oscar nomination.

The story revolves around Otto Anderson, a grumpy widower played by Tom Hanks, who seemingly finds solace in criticizing and complaining about his neighbors.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when a vibrant family moves in next door, disrupting his plans.

Otto encounters Marisol, his spirited and heavily pregnant neighbor portrayed by Mariana Trevino, and their unlikely friendship transforms his perspective.

Now that more people are discovering the film, they are expressing their strong belief that Hanks deserves an Oscar nomination, even though it is now too late for this year’s awards.

A viewer took to Twitter to express their disappointment, stating, “Whoever decided not to nominate or give any Oscars to a man called Otto is a villain.” They added, “Like y’all, I just ugly ugly cried for the entirety of this movie.”

Another viewer, who admitted not being a huge Tom Hanks fan, shared their admiration for A Man Called Otto, saying, “Not much of a Tom Hanks fan but I loved A Man Called Otto on Netflix. Probably because I could relate to his character, a grouchy, bitter old man with a (too) big of a heart. His son played him as a young man. A well-told nice story and an Oscar-worthy performance by Hanks.”

A third viewer chimed in, exclaiming, “I just watched A Man Called Otto, and I can’t remember the last time I cried so hard watching a movie. @tomhanks deserved an Oscar for that one!”

Although Hanks did not attend this year’s Academy Awards, where his film Elvis was nominated for Best Picture, his absence did not go unnoticed.

Despite playing a significant role as Colonel Tom Parker in the film, Hanks did not receive an individual nomination. However, he still remains highly regarded in the industry, as evidenced by his popularity at this year’s Razzies.

Fans need not worry too much about Hanks, though. After all, he is already the proud recipient of two consecutive Best Actor Oscars for his outstanding performances in Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994).


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