FBI Releases Creepy Images From Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion


The FBI have released never-before-seen pictures from inside the creepy mansion of Jeffrey Epstein.

The photos were taken inside the disgraced billionaire’s eight-story townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 2019.

Here are the photos from the raid:

<p>A safe found in Jeffrey Epstein’s 5th floor dressing room contained large amount of cash, diamonds, foreign passports and CDs and hard drives</p>

<p>FBI agents forced entry to Epstein’s townhouse after no one answered the doorbell</p>


<p>The main stairway inside Epstein’s townhouse</p>

<p>An FBI search team found boxes of hard drives in large plastic bins in a room in Epstein’s home</p>

<p>More hard drives and CDs found inside a shelf in a bedroom in Epstein’s home</p>

<p>A second staircase in the middle of Epstein’s residence connected the 2nd floor to bedrooms on the 3rd and 4th floors</p>

<p>Epstein’s massage room in the 19,000 sq ft Manhattan townhouse</p>

<p>Epstein’s massage table</p>

During the search of the property, the FBI found a safe, which they sawed into FBI and contained hard drives, CDs, 48 diamonds, around $70,000, and passports with pictures of Epstein on, but with different names that had been issued by a foreign country.

The court were also shown a photos they found of Epstein and Maxwell at the Queen’s Balmoral cabin.

<p>Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein at the Queen’s Balmoral cabin</p>

It’s believed that Prince Andrew took the pair to Balmoral in 1999.

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell continues.


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