Final Episode of Ozark Being Called ‘The Best Event TV We’ve Seen’


Reviews for the final episode of Netflix’s Ozark have been flying in, with many critics hailing part two as one of television’s best moments.

The Independent said:

“Perhaps, in years to come, Ozark will be looked back on without reference to Breaking Bad, but not just yet. If Marty and Ruth feel like Walter and Jesse, then they too are deserving of a blaze of glory in which to go out.”

“The result is an ending that’s unbearably tense, obliquely poignant, and some of the best event TV we’ve seen on any streaming service.”

Indiewire said the conclusion should leave fans feeling satisfied and everything should ‘click’ into place:

“Whether you’ve been hooked since that first scene or grew weary during the bleak ensuing seasons, Ozark remains true to itself as it comes to a close.”

“Even if you see the Byrdes’ felonious odyssey as a metaphor for the perils and pitfalls of a long-term marriage, raising children, and/or preserving the American ideal of family, the conclusion should click cleanly into place.”

The show follows married couple Marty and Wendy Byrde along with their two kids. The Byrdes move to the Lakes of the Ozarks to launder money and much crime and drama ensues.

You can watch the last seven episodes of the show on Netflix on April 29.


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