Florida Teacher Found Unresponsive after Attack by 5-Year-Old


A Florida school teacher was found unresponsive after an alleged attack by a 5-year-old pupil, say police.

The woman was allegedly beaten by the child’s fists and feet so severely that she had to be stretchered out of the school and taken to the hospital, investigators discovered.

On the morning of Wednesday 2nd March, Pembroke Pines Police Department were called out to Pines Lakes Elementary after the teacher had radioed staff saying she “needed support.”

A police report by Local10 revealed when officers arrived, they found her:

 “sitting on the ground against the wall…appearing to be in a faint state,”.

After speaking to staff, the police discovered the incident began when two students, aged 4 and 5-years-old, started flipping chairs and throwing items around the classroom and at the teachers.

Local 10 reports:


The unruly students were then separated, with the 5-year-old being taken to a smaller, empty room known by staff as the “cool down” room – but things escalated from there.

One parent, with a child in the same class, told WSVN:

“We’re talking about an elementary classroom, a four and a five-year-old, that’s crazy,”

“because you continuously get this from one student, one, two students, it’s an issue.”

“She is a sweet teacher,”

“When I say I trust this woman with my child, that’s a second mom. I trust her with my child — amazing woman, and it has me distraught that something like this could happen to her.”


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