France’s President Macron Changes Country’s Flag Without Telling Public


It turns out France’s President Emmanuel Macron has been quietly hating on the country’s flag without people knowing.

And now he’s decided to do something about it.

Macron changed the shade of the color blue on the flag back in June 2020, and the new shade is significantly darker than the original. And no one really knew why, nor did they decide to tell anyone. But now Macron’s team have confirmed the change and the reasons for it.

A member of his administration team said: “There are aesthetic reasons, this blue is more elegant,” but also said that the ‘very political’ decision was made ‘to revive a symbol of the French Revolution’.

The BBC reports the new change has received some backlash, with many saying the new shade of blue clashes with the blue of the EU flag.

Europe 1’s political correspondent Louis de Raguenel wrote about the change:

“No communication was made on this change of colour, no instructions were given to change or not all the official flags, the Élysée Palace affirms that the approach is an incentive.

“Emmanuel Macron’s entourage has no desire to give the image of a president who touches the deepest symbols of the country, even if deep down, as you might imagine, there is a meaning behind it all.”

Pretty savage move from Macron.


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