Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Doesn’t Think Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself’


The brother of Ghislaine Maxwell has dropped a huge bombshell as his sister faces trial facing child sex trafficking charges.

On the latest episode of The Spectator’s podcast Americano, Ian Maxwell, the brother of Ghislaine Maxwell, joined host Freddie Gray to discuss the trial of his sister.

During the show, Ian revealed that his sister doesn’t believe their father Robert Maxwell took his own life. He also mentioned she doesn’t think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself either.

He said:

It so happens one of the conspiracy theories about my father is that he was murdered rather than committed suicide or died by accident.

Of all my siblings, Ghislaine is the only one who happens to believe he was murdered. I would venture to think that she also thinks that Epstein was murdered.

‘I’m not wholly convinced that he killed himself. It’s not been very well explained how a man under 24/7 guard […] could somehow die on US watch.’

Robert Maxwell’s official cause of death was ruled as an accidental drowning and heart attack as he was sailing off the coast of Spain in a yacht in 1991.

Meanwhile, new documents have been released that people claim ‘prove’ Epstein didn’t take his own life.


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