Guy Divides Opinion Claiming All Men Tell The Exact Same Lie At The Start Of Relationship


A recent claim by an Australian man about a common lie told by men in relationships has sparked a debate on social media.

Jake Craig, who co-hosts the Relatables podcast with Ottie Clarke, suggested that there’s one particular fib all men tell ‘for attention,’ leading to a mix of reactions from women.

In a TikTok video, Craig stated, “To all the ladies out there with a boyfriend who’s always saying, ‘I don’t want to get married’. We say that for attention. We want you to say, ‘No, but I want to marry you so bad’.” This claim has left many women skeptical, with reactions ranging from disbelief to annoyance. One woman commented, “Do not make us delulu,” while another asked, “Why would you say that?” A third woman expressed her fragility, saying, “Don’t lie to me, I’m fragile!”

The psychology behind this alleged common lie has been a topic of discussion. Some women agreed with Craig’s theory, sharing their experiences. One woman recounted, “Oh, well this explains why my ex got so mad after he said this to all his mates in front of me and I said ‘I don’t expect to marry you anyway’.”

Others, however, saw this behavior as a sign of men embracing their feminine energy. Comments like “Men are actually such girlies it’s so funny” and “Men want to be the princess so bad” were indicative of this viewpoint. Another person criticized the behavior as immature, stating, “Nah, it’s just immature and not knowing what you want. If you can’t say ‘I wanna marry you so bad’ too, then you don’t deserve her.”

Craig’s revelation has certainly stirred up a conversation about the dynamics of modern relationships and the games people play. Whether his claim holds true for all men is debatable, but it has undoubtedly led to an interesting discussion on social media about honesty and communication in relationships.


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