‘Happy Days’ Star Gavan O’Herlihy Dies Aged 70


Sad news has emerged that Happy Days star Gavan O’Herlihy has passed away at the age of 70.

Gavan’s big break was in Happy Days when appeared in the first seven episodes as Chuck Cunningham, before mysteriously disappearing from the show.

Gavan spoke of his decision to quit:

‘I pulled out of it, I didn’t want to do it. They had me at college, I was going to grunt and bounce a basketball once every couple of weeks for probably three or four years.

‘And at 20 years old, that’s not the gig you want to be doing. But that was my big break; that got me established around town as a kid who got hot in a hurry.’

Sad news: Happy Days star Gavan O'Herlihy has died aged 70

Gavan’s costar, Ron Howard, paid tribute to the late actor on Twitter.

He wrote:

RIP Gavan. I knew him as the 1st of 2 Chucks on #HappyDays & then as Airk in #Willow where I had the pleasure of directing him. A talented actor with a big free spirit.



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