Harrowing Image Shows Two Pictures of Zelenskyy Taken 40 Days Apart


Two harrowing photos have surfaced showing President Volodymyr Zelenskyy just 40 days apart – and the difference is harrowing.

The war in Ukraine began almost 6 weeks ago but the country’s President determination and resolve remain as immense as they did at the start of Russia’s invasion.

The 44-year-old has become a hero to not only the Ukrainian people but to many around the world too.

However, the was has of course taken an unimaginable toll in the leader, something that is made clear when viewing the two photographs of him taken only 40 days apart.

According to Reddit, the first photo was taken by the president’s photographer on 23 February which was the last day of peace for Ukraine. The second was reportedly taken 4 April in Bucha, after he addressed the awful horror that has surfaced there, publicly.

See below:

It’s clear to see from the two photographs how much this war has taken its toll on Zelenskyy, understandably.


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