Here’s the Sentimental Reason Why Travis Kelce Wears Number 87


The sentimental reason behind Travis Kelce’s choice of jersey number 87 in the NFL is a heartwarming story that might just bring tears to the eyes of football fans. Before delving into the specifics of Travis’s number, it’s essential to understand how NFL players typically choose their numbers.

In the NFL, players select their jersey numbers based on availability and their playing position. The range of numbers was expanded in 2023, offering a broader selection for players. The choices are as follows:

  • Quarterbacks: 0-19
  • Punters and placekickers: 0-49 and 90-99
  • Defensive backs: 0-49
  • Running backs, full backs, and Hbacks: 0–49 and 80–89
  • Tight ends: 0–49 and 80–89
  • Wide receivers: 0–49 and 80–89
  • Offensive linemen: 50–79
  • Defensive linemen: 50–79 and 90–99
  • Linebackers: 0–59 and 90–99

Travis Kelce, a tight end who joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013, had the option to choose from the ranges 0–49 and 80–89. So, why did he choose 87? The answer is incredibly touching.

Travis selected the number 87 to honor his brother, Jason Kelce, who was born in 1987. This heartfelt tribute was revealed by Travis during a sideline conversation with Jason, where he said, “You’re the only reason why I wear 87 anyways. I never told you that, man. You started the legacy.” Travis further elaborated on this sentiment, telling the NFL, “If there is a Kelce legacy, two brothers making it to the NFL, it all started in 1987 because this big guy was born in 1987.”

He affectionately added, “He’s paved the way. I can’t thank him enough for doing that. I just hope he stays as happy as he is right now and that that never changes for him and that he only wins one Super Bowl and that I win the rest.”

On the other hand, Jason Kelce, who plays as a center and is part of the offensive line, wears the number 62. He explained that he couldn’t choose 89 due to position-based numbering rules and was assigned 62 when he entered the NFL. Jason has embraced this number, saying in 2018, “The significance of No. 62 is that when I made it to the NFL, this is the number that was given to me and I am honored to wear it.”

Jason also expressed his pride in Travis’s achievements, stating, “I love him and I’ve tried to be a good big brother, but I think Trav sometimes gives me a lot of credit. But I’m just so happy for everything that he’s done to get to where he’s at. Seeing him turn into the player and the man that he is has been just the ultimate feeling of being proud.”

The story of the Kelce brothers and their jersey numbers is more than just a tale of sports; it’s a testament to brotherly love, respect, and the deep bonds that can exist within families, even on the competitive fields of the NFL.


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