Hilarious Moment Naked Man Walks in on Husband’s Zoom Call


A man has shared the awkward but hilarious moment that his husband accidentally walked in on his zoom call naked.

Jason Bowers casually strolled into the shot of his partner Damian Mlotkowski’s work call fresh out the shower.

Embarrassingly, 12 of his husband’s work colleagues has caught the hiccup and broke out in fits of giggles.

He admitted:

“I had no idea he was on a meeting.”

“I was so focused on my message I was writing that I didn’t look up so I couldn’t see he was on a call.”

The best part about the whole ordeal is how his husband stops dead in his tracks and drops to the ground.

What was his next move? Army crawl out of the shot? Roll out of the way?

Very funny situation – one we would absolutely all hate to be in!

Watch below:


Have you ever had a similar situation?


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