Horrifying Moment Man’s Neck is Crushed by Squat Machine at the Gym


In a harrowing incident reminiscent of a scene from a Final Destination movie, a man’s life took a devastating turn at a gym in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará. Regilânio da Silva, 42, found himself caught in a nightmarish mishap involving a squat machine that resulted in a severe neck injury. The horrifying moment, captured on the gym’s CCTV cameras, has left many shaken, and da Silva’s future hangs in the balance.

The tragic incident unfolded at the 220 Fit gym on August 4th. Da Silva, a father of three, was engaged in his workout routine when the unexpected occurred. Seated on a bench, he was momentarily taking a break between sets when disaster struck. The squat machine, laden with 150kg plates, suddenly collapsed, plummeting the weight onto his neck. Swiftly, three courageous individuals sprang into action, rushing to remove the crushing load and alerting others to call for emergency medical assistance.

Paramedics swiftly arrived at the scene and transported da Silva to Santo Antônio Hospital. There, medical professionals worked tirelessly for four hours to stabilize his neck and provide essential treatment. Despite their efforts, the catastrophic damage inflicted on his body left little hope for a full recovery. Though he retains some arm mobility, the chances of da Silva walking again are minuscule.

Dr. José Correia, a neurosurgeon, shed light on the grim prognosis. He explained that the severity of the injury and the potential return of previous functions play a crucial role in the recovery process. Unfortunately, in da Silva’s case, the prospects are disheartening. Dr. Correia emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating that the thoracolumbar junction’s loss of bone continuity severely impacts neurological functions. The statistical likelihood of regaining motor and sensory abilities stands at less than 1%.

Despite the catastrophic incident, the gym maintains that the equipment was in optimal condition, having been acquired just two months prior to the accident. Cícero Aparecido, a gym manager, clarified that the squat machine was designed with a center lock and side plates to facilitate conventional squats, as opposed to freestyle squats. The exact cause of the machine’s collapse remains a mystery, and investigations are ongoing.


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In a statement posted on Instagram, the gym offered its perspective on the tragic incident. They explained that a veteran gymgoer was using the machine’s platform meant for foot support as a resting spot. This unintended action inadvertently led to the machine toppling over, causing da Silva’s catastrophic neck injury. The gym stressed that they had undergone recent inspections and were fully compliant with safety regulations.

The gym has released a statement on social media. Credit: Instagram/ 220.fit

While the circumstances surrounding the accident continue to puzzle both da Silva’s family and the gym, one thing remains clear: his journey to recovery will be arduous and costly. The family, along with the gym, contributed to cover the approximately £5,400 cost of his surgery. Additionally, a crowdfunding campaign has been initiated on Vakinha to support his extensive rehabilitation. The family’s plea for prayers and divine intervention underscores the urgency of da Silva’s situation, as they hope for a miraculous restoration of his leg movement.


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