Howard Stern Slams Oprah Winfrey for Showing off Her Wealth


Howard Stern has ripped apart Oprah Winfrey and accused her of flaunting her wealth.

The talk show host, whose net worth is estimated around $3.5 billion, has been accused of parading her fortune on social media by posting “her estates, her gardens” and her possessions.

In an episode of The Howard Stern Show, the radio host said:

“It’s f**king mind blowing when you follow her on Instagram,”

“You see her estates, her gardens, the people who service her and, you know…She’s got servants and, like, people cooking and it’s f**king wild.

“She knows how to be rich…she kind of likes to show it off, which is something I’m not comfortable with. I don’t think that people should show off their wealth.”

While talking to co-host Robin Quivers, Stern added:

“You gotta be a little self-aware and know that there are people struggling out there, Robin. You got to.

“You gotta kind of think about people who don’t have — to eat. You know what I’m saying? I mean, come on. You gotta be a little bit aware of this.”


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