I Named My Daughter after a Disney Character – I Don’t Care if People Hate It


Indy Clinton, a 25-year-old mother of two from Sydney, Australia, recently shared that her newborn daughter shares the same name as Molly-Mae Hague’s recently announced baby, Bambi. Despite potential criticism, Indy, a TikTok influencer and lover of Disney’s Bambi since her childhood, embraces the choice and is unfazed by others’ opinions.

The coincidence became evident when former Love Islander Molly-Mae revealed on Instagram that her daughter, born just a week ago, was named Bambi. For Indy, the connection was surreal, considering her own recent decision to name her four-month-old daughter Bambi.

Initially planning to name her second child Paloma, Indy was inspired to choose Bambi after observing her daughter’s “sweet, curious nature” and “big brown eyes,” reminiscent of the beloved cartoon character. While the unique name raised eyebrows among friends and family, Indy remains steadfast in her choice.

Reflecting on the naming process, Indy shared, “Four months ago, when I was giving birth, I was convinced Bambi was the most unique, unusual name that nobody would use. Good on Molly-Mae though, looks like great minds think alike.”

Indy disclosed that they were initially set on the name Paloma, but a sudden revelation during a bedtime reading session with her son Navy led to the unconventional choice of Bambi. Despite potential criticism, Indy embraces the uniqueness of the name and views it as fitting in with contemporary naming trends.

“Unique names are the new trend,” she remarked. “Bambi is going to fit right in with the Rivers, Bears, Forests, Stormis, and Wolfs. People will criticize anything these days, so at least give them something to talk about.”

Indy expressed her contentment with her daughter’s name, emphasizing the alignment of her features with the character from the film. She joyfully described her daughter as “such a little Bambi” and affirmed that the name Bambilicious truly suits her.

In addition to her baby’s name, Indy has shared aspects of her parenting ethos on TikTok, outlining the principles she vowed not to enforce based on her own upbringing. Addressing topics like physical discipline and forcing children to display affection, Indy advocates for a more modern and understanding approach to parenting, highlighting her commitment to fostering a positive and supportive environment for her children.


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