If You See Car Lights Like This Then You Have A Medical Condition


If you’ve ever been driving at night and everyone’s car lights begin to look like they’ve got several lightsabers attached to them, it means you have a pretty common condition.

The blurred vision is a result of something called astigmatism, which essentially just means your eye is shaped like a football, rather than a soccer ball.

Don’t worry it’s nothing to worry about, and it can be fixed with contact lenses or glasses.

And it’s pretty common, as proven by a post that went viral on Reddit recently.

Some of the comments read:

 “I hate driving in the rain at night because of this. It’s the only time I get nervous on the road.”

“Absolutely impossible to see. And the darker coloured roads even when just a little wet make it impossible to see.”

“Dusk is what really messes with me. I wear my sunglasses until it’s pitch dark before moving to my regular glasses.”


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