Influencer Joesthetics’ Cause of Death Confirmed


Bodybuilder Jo Lindner’s final post on Instagram hinted at his health struggles following Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), revealing that he was facing some issues related to his treatment.

Lindner, who passed away at the age of 30, shared a series of shirtless photos and openly discussed his medical journey with his followers.

In the post, the fitness influencer wrote, “When I lost my gains because I went off everything for 1 year but then could not recover my own [testosterone] levels so went back on trt. Trust me I tried to stop but be aware it might have long-term effects for your life.” He emphasized that TRT requires a significant commitment and urged his audience to keep that in mind.

Lindner also shared a comparison photo, showcasing the difference between his appearance before and after undergoing TRT.

He challenged his followers to spot the 12 differences and explained how his physique had changed, stating, “Show lot of size differences like – swole and not swole u can see at chest etc all slim down even my waist is smaller back then.”

However, Lindner also disclosed that he was facing new challenges due to a hernia. He mentioned that his stomach had become bigger as a result of his hernia surgery. Despite his struggles, he wanted to convey the message that even as a natural athlete, one can achieve an amazing physique by getting in shape.

News of Lindner’s death was initially announced by his girlfriend, Nicha, who goes by @immapeaches on Instagram.

According to Nicha, Lindner passed away in her arms after experiencing an aneurysm. In an emotional Instagram post, she shared their last moments together, describing how they cuddled and expressing her grief at the sudden loss. Nicha praised Lindner’s qualities, calling him sweet, kind, loyal, strong, and a believer in everyone.

In a previous interview with YouTuber Bradley Martyn, Lindner had expressed concerns about overtraining, fearing that it could lead to a heart attack due to his rare muscular condition known as rippling muscle disease. He shared his worries about experiencing cramps in his heart, which made him hesitant to participate in bodybuilding competitions that required extreme measures like diuretics. Lindner explained that his condition prevented him from even walking comfortably.

Authorities have yet to determine the official cause of Lindner’s death.



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