Influencer Says Her Profiles Keep Getting Deleted Because She’s Too Beautiful


    Do you ever just look in the mirror and think ‘I’m TOO good looking’?

    No? Me neither, I look in the mirror and wonder what on Earth went wrong.

    But it turns out you can be too good looking. In fact, you can be so good looking that people don’t actually believe you’re real.

    Introducing Veronika Rajek, a former Miss Slovakia 2016 finalist, whose social media accounts keep getting deleted because they just… well, look fake. Because apparently no normal person looks like that.

    She told The Mirror:

    “I call myself an alien as people don’t believe I’m real.”

    “They think I’m an AI robot or a catfish online. People say beautiful people have it easy but I have it worse as people make it harder for me because I’m beautiful.”

    “It’s pretty discriminatory that other women can do the same thing as me and I can’t, and I just get deleted because of my looks,”

    She continued to say that she’s all natural.

    “I get messages from men who don’t think I’m real but the worst messages on my Instagram are from women asking me why I’m pretending and asking for proof,” says Rajek. “I don’t make any adjustments, shaping or filters – I use a skin smoothing tool but I think that’s normal.

    “Skinny girls are body shaming plus-sized models, but I’m being body shamed too as they don’t think I’m natural.

    “I get more abuse from women as they are jealous and they think I want their boyfriend.”



    Veronika ended with a sentiment we can all live by:

    “If you feel beautiful the way you are, then you are beautiful.”


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