Influencer’s Attempt to Shame Man for Calling Out Her ‘Painted On Pants’ at Gym Massively Backfires


Natalie Reynolds, an influencer and Kick streamer, has recently faced significant backlash after attempting to shame a fellow gymgoer who called her out for her choice of attire. Known for her controversial behavior, Reynolds decided to conduct a ‘social experiment’ by wearing body paint to the gym, which she livestreamed on December 27.

Detailing her outfit, Reynolds shared, “So, I started getting this painted on me at 11:30am and I got done at 4:15pm. So, I’m sitting up for, like, five to six hours. It’s painted on pants – so this is all paint. This is swimsuit bottoms.” However, her attire did not sit well with a man at the gym, who politely confronted her, deeming her attire ‘inappropriate.’

The man told Reynolds, “If you don’t have clothes on, you need to be out of here, ma’am,” to which she responded, “I do have clothes on.” He continued, “Not fine, I work in the industry enough to know. I work in the entertainment field.” He also mentioned that ‘videotaping’ in the gym is generally not allowed.

Reynolds posted a clip of this interaction on X (formerly known as Twitter), expecting support. Instead, the video, which garnered almost 30 million views, sparked a wave of criticism. One user commented, “Painted pants aren’t real pants.” Another added, “That dude was 100 percent right. He called out your degenerate behaviour and you played the victim.” A third remarked, “I’m sick of these influencers walking around with security guards thinking they can just do whatever they want.”

X’s community notes also criticized Reynolds, stating, “The man in the video is protecting the overall gym etiquette according to which you should wear clothes suitable for exercise. Wearing unsuitable clothes or none at all is considered to be disrespectful towards the other. It is also a hygiene risk to others.” This note was supported by a Healthline article on proper gym etiquette.

Despite the backlash, Reynolds remained defiant, later tweeting, “Why everyone acting like I was naked lmao. The amount of women who wear pants up the ass at the gym… This is nothing bad at all.” She compared her situation to a male YouTuber who had done something similar, saying, “So a guy YouTuber makes a video just like this but when I paint myself everyone is acting like the world is ending. Let me get my gains and shredded in peace pls.”


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