Island Boys Star Flyysoulja Comes Out as Gay Following Video Showing Him Kissing his Twin Brother


Flyysoulja, a prominent member of the Island Boys, has recently come forward as gay, a revelation that comes in the wake of a controversial video showing him kissing his twin brother.

In a recent live stream, Flyysoulja openly discussed his sexual orientation and preferences.

He proudly declared himself as a ‘top’ and expressed his attraction towards men. “I’m a top, I’m never a bottom. I’m a top, you understand what I’m saying? I like men, and it is what it is,” he asserted during the live session.

The twins gained significant attention on TikTok and in the hip-hop scene as part of the Florida duo known as the Island Boys.

However, it was a bizarre video of the brothers sharing a kiss that sent them viral last month.

The video, which showed them exchanging tongues, created a storm of controversy and discussions.

Following the video’s release, the brothers proceeded to set up an OnlyFans account to further engage with their audience. To promote Alex’s (Flyysoulja’s twin brother) account, they shared some provocative pictures, hinting at the possibility of intimate content. Alex even posted a photo alongside his brother with the caption, “Woah should I kiss him?” This led many people to accuse them of ‘incest baiting.’

Despite the criticism, the pair initially only shared pictures of themselves in close proximity without actually kissing. However, they later decided to address the controversy head-on and posted a video of them passionately kissing with the caption, “Make out [kiss mark emoji].” Needless to say, this video sparked an even more intense reaction.

Social media users expressed shock and disbelief at the brothers’ actions. Some condemned the act, questioning the boundaries they had crossed as biological siblings. Others criticized them for seeking attention and relevance at any cost.

In response to the backlash, Alex attempted to defend their actions, claiming that it was all a stunt to gain attention. He suggested that he purposely orchestrated the situation to garner more interest. However, his explanation did little to appease the critics, as many still found the act inappropriate and inexcusable.

The incident has prompted discussions about boundaries, responsible social media behavior, and the impact of viral fame. Some argue that the pursuit of fame and attention should not come at the expense of personal values and dignity.

As the public debates continue, it remains to be seen how this incident will affect the Island Boys’ careers and reputation. The video and its aftermath serve as a reminder that actions on social media platforms can have significant consequences, and individuals should exercise caution and responsibility when seeking attention and fame in the digital age.


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