Jake Paul is Putting up $60 Million for Kanye West and Pete Davidson Boxing Match


Jake Paul wants Kanye West and Pete Davidson to ‘fight’ out their differences in a celebrity boxing match that he has fronted the costs for, all $60 million of them.

Paul is offering up to $30 million guaranteed to each of the celebs to box one another.

Over the weekend, Pete Davidson’s alleged text messages to the rapper were leaked on the internet, with the SNL star taunting the rapper.

Kanye then went on to address the text messages, in a video he posted to Instagram which has since been taken down.

The beef has been going on for a while and Jake Paul has now tweeted an official offer of $60 million guaranteed to encourage the two to fight in a celebrity boxing match.

I doubt Kanye West will take him up on his offer as he has a net worth of $1.8 billion…

Who would you back in this fight?


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