Jake Paul Sends Tyson Fury Brutal Voice Note After Tommy Pulls Out Of Fight


it was hardly Rumble In The Jungle, but the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is off.

Tommy Fury had to pull out of the fight, despite him pleading for Jake Paul not to pull out for the past six months.

Jake Paul has confirmed the news:

 When my team woke me up on Friday to tell me Tommy Fumbles was pulling out, I told them I’ll fight anyone on December 18th. Troy, Trey, Trevor, Travis,… I don’t give a fuck who it is. Tommy’s pulling out because of a “medical condition” called vaginitis. Unlike the Fury’s, Tyron actually has some balls, is stepping in, and contractually he is getting an extra $500,000 if he knocks me out. First time I outboxed him. This time I’m gonna punish him and leave no doubt.

Fury has been suffering from broken ribs, but was still keen to fight, according to his dad.

YouTuber news reporter KEEMSTAR (real name Daniel Keem) shared the news suggesting that Fury had dropped out and that UFC fighter Tyron Woodley will get a second chance at fighting Paul.

The fight was due to take place on December 18 in Tampa, Florida.

Paul has now left a brutal voicemail on Tyson Fury’s phone, who’s the brother of Tommy and current heavyweight champion of the world.

In the voice note, he said:

“Tyson, I just wanna let you know you’re a f***ing bitch and so is your brother. This is an embarrassment and hopefully, you guys can get that vaginitis cleared up super quick, you f****ing dosser.”

Tyson, do the right thing and replace your brother in the fight. The world needs you to bring an end to this YouTube nonsense.


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