Jake Paul’s Dark Past Resurfaces In Interview


Jake Paul has become one of the most talked about celebrities in the world after he ventured into boxing.

The YouTuber has won his first five fights as a fighter, knocking out multiple washed up athletes – none of whom were boxers.

Regardless of the quality of opponent and poor boxing, Paul has been picking up absolutely staggering paychecks.

Paul most recently floored UFC veteran Tyron Woodley in the sixth round.

After the victory, Paul said:

 “This is as real as it gets, just like my right hand. I told you I was going to f**k him up. And I f****d him up.

“This guy is a legend and respect him for taking the fight on two weeks’ notice.

“It was a tough fight. I had blood in my eyes. I had the job done. I was setting the punch up the whole fight.

“He didn’t see it coming. Like a lumberjack, timber.

“It’s got to be the moment of my life. Look at my year. Four fights, four knockouts.

“Masvidal and Nate Diaz – you are b*tch for leaving this arena. I will f*** you up too. Anyone, anytime, anyplace.”

But Paul has not always been the cocky influencer you see before you today.

He recently opened up about a much darker period in his life, during which he considered suicide.

During an interview with Graham Bensinger, Paul said he thought: ‘I don’t want to be here on this earth anymore’ and seriously considered taking his own life.

The comment section of the emotional video is full of comments of support for the boxer.

Meanwhile, Paul has named who he wants to fight next.


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