Jason Aldean Ends Concert Abruptly and Runs Off Stage Mid-Performance

Jason Aldean experienced a health scare during his concert in Hartford, CT on Saturday night, causing him to abruptly end the show.
However, the country singer reassured fans that he had since recovered from the incident.
In a video posted on Instagram Stories, the 46-year-old award-winning artist explained what had transpired.

Looking healthy in a gray T-shirt and a Florida-logoed billed cap, Jason addressed his followers, saying, “Hey, what’s up everybody. Jason here and this is Sunday, I guess.” He acknowledged that many people had reached out to check on him after hearing about the incident at the Connecticut show. The “Try That in a Small Town” singer attributed the incident to the hot weather and his previous activities, stating, “It was hot, I was playing golf all day yesterday, and then got to the show and just think it was a combination of dehydration and heat exhaustion.”

Initial reports suggested that Jason had suffered from heat stroke, but he clarified that he didn’t believe it was that severe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists symptoms of heat stroke as a racing heart, nausea, sweating, confusion, and unconsciousness. Jason did acknowledge that the conditions during the show were intense, and anyone present could attest to the heat. Temperatures in the area reached 88 degrees with 51-percent humidity.

During the concert, Jason started feeling the symptoms, but he tried to push through. However, he realized that continuing was not feasible, and his priority became getting off the stage and understanding what was happening. Jason revealed that he had received fluids through an IV both on the night of the concert and the following day.

The “Amarillo Sky” artist, who had just kicked off the Highway Desperado tour in Bethel, NY on Friday, expressed disappointment at the way the show ended. He apologized to his fans and assured them that the Hartford show would be rescheduled. Jason shared a link to the announcement on the Xfinity Theater’s social media pages and reiterated his apologies in the video, promising to return and make it up to his fans.

Despite the setback, a well-rested Jason informed his followers that he intended to proceed with the concert scheduled in Saratoga Springs, NY on Sunday. With his health restored, he was determined to continue entertaining his loyal fans on the tour.


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