Jason Aldean Has a Message For Everyone After ‘Small Town’ Tops Charts


Amid the heated debate surrounding Jason Aldean’s latest music video, “Try That In A Small Town,” his wife, Brittany, has made her unwavering support for him evident.

On Wednesday, the blonde beauty shared a heartwarming beach photo featuring herself and Jason, addressing her 2.4 million followers with a defiant message: “Never apologize for speaking the truth,” accompanied by a heart emoji and “Us.”

Brittany’s public show of support came shortly after singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow criticized the music video for “Try That In A Small Town.” The video has faced accusations of allegedly promoting lynching, as it was filmed partly in front of a historic courthouse known for a tragic lynching incident involving a Black man. In the photo she shared, Brittany exuded elegance, wearing a plunging black halter top adorned with diamond designs. Her blond hair was tied back, and she sported sunglasses atop her head. Jason, dressed casually, showed support for firefighters with a charcoal tank top, light gray shorts, and a charcoal baseball cap.

Later that day, Brittany returned to her social media to post a picture of herself in a yellow floral-print crop top with puffy sleeves, complemented by a matching skirt or pants. Running her fingers through her long hair, she extended her gratitude to their fans for staying by their side, exclaiming, “Man do we love y’all – free thinkers, lions not sheep… thankful for the support, always!”

Sheryl Crow, among other critics, raised concerns about the song’s lyrics, with some interpreting them as endorsing vigilante violence. Additionally, the music video’s choice of location, the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee, drew significant backlash due to its association with the lynching of a Black man by a white mob in 1927.

Responding to the criticism, Jason Aldean defended both the song and its video, denying any pro-lynching sentiments or anti-Black intentions. The controversy led the network CMT to pull the music video from airwaves.

The lyrics and visuals of “Try That In A Small Town” seemed to ignite debates about American divides, with some praising its emphasis on traditional values and others criticizing it for allegedly endorsing violence and provoking animosity. The singer-songwriter, known for his proudly pro-Trump conservative stance, clarified that the song aimed to evoke the feeling of community and mutual support he experienced while growing up.

Amid the differing opinions, fans praised the song’s traditional values, while critics condemned Jason Aldean’s Republican views. The singer’s actions in the past, such as dressing his young daughters in anti-Joe Biden merchandise, have also sparked controversy among some former fans.

As the discussions continue, Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany stand firm in their positions, appreciative of their supporters and unwavering in their beliefs. While the controversy may persist, the impact of “Try That In A Small Town” on public discourse and artistic expression remains a topic of spirited discussion across the nation.


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