Jason Aldean Song ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Will Air on ABC’s ‘CMA Fest’


Despite the controversy surrounding Jason Aldean’s hit song “Try That in a Small Town,” ABC’s “CMA Fest” will air his performance of the song as part of the event.

However, the network has decided not to include any footage from the controversial music video during the broadcast.

“CMA Fest” was recorded between June 8th and 11th at various venues in Nashville, with Aldean headlining the event and performing the song, which was gaining popularity on the charts.

The song’s lyrics, combined with the recently released music video featuring scenes of Black Lives Matter protests, flag burning, and confrontations with police, have sparked controversy.

The video was also filmed outside the same courthouse that witnessed a tragic lynching in the past, further adding to the criticism. Social media users have accused Aldean of using the song as a right-wing dog whistle.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that while ABC will air Aldean’s performance of the song, they have chosen not to include any part of the music video in the broadcast. Notably, the music video was released after the “CMA Fest” recording took place, leaving the option open for ABC to use it in the show’s opening or promotional materials. However, the network has opted against doing so, avoiding further controversy.

In response to the backlash, Jason Aldean has defended the song, asserting that it is not related to the Black Lives Matter movement but rather serves as an anthem celebrating the sense of community and mutual support found in small towns.

While the song has faced criticism from some quarters, it has also garnered significant support, propelling it to the top spot on the iTunes charts. 

As the “CMA Fest” airs, audiences will have the opportunity to witness Aldean’s performance of “Try That in a Small Town,” but without the accompanying controversial music video.

The decision to exclude the video from the broadcast reflects the network’s attempt to navigate the delicate balance of showcasing musical talent while being mindful of potentially contentious content.


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