Jeffrey Epstein’s Surprising Final Prison Visitor Revealed


    Jeffrey Epstein’s last visitor before he died by suicide has been revealed, and many people are shocked about who it was.

    The 66-year-old went into prison in July 2019 on federal charged of sex trafficking underage girls and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. Some of his victims were as young as 14-years-old.

    Not long after being held in custody, Epstein was taken away from the general population for his safety but he had asked for time to participate in outdoor activities.

    It was reported that the after the judge denied his bail on July 18, his mental health took a decline and he attempted to take his own life.

    After one failed attempt, the sex offender successfully died by suicide only a few days later in his cell.

    The Daily Mail reported that the final visitor before his death was Karyna Shuliak, a Belarusian dentist, who identified as Epstein’s girlfriend in 2020. Images, however, have since come out of the two of them dating back in 2014.

    It will come as a surprise to many that Epstein was in a relationship.

    Shuliak was the last person to speak to the 66-year-old on the phone, the day before he died on August 10.

    Records now show that the 30-year-old visited him in prison on July 30, just 11 days prior to his suicide.

    The pair reportedly had a “very serious relationship”.

    Credit: Facebook/ Ethel Panganiban

    It has also been reported that Epstein ordered his lawyers to leave the room while on the phone with his girlfriend for the last time. A source shared with the Daily Mail: “Everyone had to leave the room because he was so eager to get on the phone,”

    “If he didn’t use the phone right then he would miss his window so the meeting ended abruptly and he went to use the phone and the lawyers all left.”

    Shuliak’s wherabouts are now unknown.


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