Joe Rogan Launches Brutal Rant Against Will Smith After Oscars Slap


Joe Rogan has reacted to the Will Smith/Chris Rock fiasco.

Will Smith very publicly slapped Chris Rock after the comedian compared his wife to G.I Jane, which was highly inappropriate and insensitive as she has been very open about her hair loss journey due to alopecia.

Rogan brought up the situation in his latest podcast and blasted Smith for setting a terrible precedent over a “mild joke.”

The 54-year-old had this to say:

“you can’t just go smack a man in the face in front of the world and go about business as usual. It sets a terrible precedent in so many different ways. It sets a terrible precedent for comedy clubs. Like, are people going to decide to go on stage and smack a comedian now?”

Watch his podcast below:

The commentator was most upset at Smith being allowed to remain at the awards:

“And then sit there quivering, saying ‘Keep my wife’s name out of your f*ckin’ mouth’, and everybody’s just gotta sit there in the sh*t that you just took on the table.”

“You just pulled your pants down and took a sh*t on the dinner table, and they all have to just sit there and look at that.”

“these people live in this fake world of, you know, you’re protected by guards, you’re driven by limos, you’re on the red carpet, like all of it is crazy life.”

“And he’s so God damn famous, and so removed from regular discourse and interaction with regular people, that he, for whatever reason in his head, acted like he’s a character in a movie.”

Strong words from Rogan…


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