Joel Osteen Speaks Out After Plumber Finds $600K Of Cash Inside Walls of His Church


My favorite preachers are those ones that want your money in return for a place in heaven.

And one of the most famous of those is Joel Osteen.

You may remember big news back in 2014, Osteen reported that hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen from a safe at Lakewood Church.

Now, in quite the turn of events, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been found stuffed in the church walls.

Now, we’re not pointing the finger, but doesn’t that look suspicious?

According to reports, an unsuspecting plumber was called out to fix a broken toilet at the church when he stumbled across envelopes of checks and cash stuffed inside a wall.

Houston Police have confirmed evidence from the recovered checks suggests this November case is linked to the reported theft in 2014. Uh oh.

Osteen has responded to the find on Twitter, with a cryptic tweet.

Somebody pass the popcorn.


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