John Cena Responds to Viral Video of Fan Approaching Him in Restaurant


John Cena has responded to the viral video that captured a fan approaching him while he was dining at a restaurant.

The clip, which was shared on TikTok, shows Cena enjoying a meal with a friend when the fan approaches him and performs his signature ‘You Can’t See Me’ taunt from his WWE days.

Although Cena appeared visibly displeased by the interruption, he remained composed and politely asked, “Can I enjoy some time with my friends?” Despite the initial disturbance, the fan quickly apologized and left Cena alone.

In return, Cena flashed a grateful smile, appreciating the stranger’s understanding and respect for his desire for privacy.

The interaction garnered widespread praise for the WWE star on social media, with fans commending his patience and gracious response.

Cena himself subtly referenced the video during his appearance at the WWE Money in the Bank 2023 event in London over the weekend.

Engaged in a staged argument with Australian wrestler Grayson Waller about whether Wrestlemania should be held in Australia or the UK, Waller exclaimed, “No one says no to the Grayson Waller effect.” In a clever nod to the viral clip, Cena retorted, “How about: ‘Can I enjoy some time with my friends?'”


my friend met john cena and decided to be a cornball? @Arya

? original sound – alex

While Cena’s wrestling career has taken a backseat in recent years, with fewer appearances in the ring, he has been increasingly focused on his acting endeavors.

He has landed significant roles in major franchises such as Fast and Furious and DC.

In particular, his portrayal of the antihero Peacemaker in the critically acclaimed TV series of the same name has garnered positive reviews since its premiere last year.

Despite his shift towards acting, Cena continues to be a beloved figure in the wrestling world. The viral video and his subsequent reference to it at the WWE event serve as a testament to his ability to handle unexpected fan encounters with poise and grace, further solidifying his reputation as a respectful and down-to-earth celebrity.


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