John Oliver Slams Amazon Over Its Treatment of Delivery Drivers


John Oliver has gone in on Amazon over the company’s treatment of their delivery drivers.

Given that the comedian’s latest story is all about issues facing truck drivers, its not a huge shock when Amazon’s name pops up.

Oliver stated:

“Using drivers that aren’t direct employees allows them to distance themselves from liability when things go wrong, which they do — particularly given the ridiculous pace that Amazon expects.”

“…Amazon is basically off the hook here because these drivers are not their employees, they’re independent contractors, meaning that the contractor is responsible for anything that goes wrong, not them,”

“In fact under Amazon’s contracts, they’re even reportedly responsible for paying Amazon’s legal bills in the event of a lawsuit — which, you know what, is actually only fair. It’s not like Jeff Bezos can afford to pay all those lawyers, he’s spending his money on things that truly benefit society like launching himself into space before disappointing everyone and coming back home safely.”

Watch below:

Big claims from the comedian.


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