Johnny Depp Reacts to Audio of Himself Moaning ‘Like a Pained Animal’


An audio recording of Johnny Depp moaning ‘like a pained animal’ while on a flight with Amber Heard has been played in court.

Depp launched a defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard in 2019, after the Aquaman star described herself as a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 article she penned in The Washington Post. The trial began Monday 11 April in Fairfax, Virginia.

The 58-year-old took to the stand to attempt to clear his name against Heard’s accusations that he was a domestic abuser.

The courtroom heard clips of an audio recording, taken by Heard, of Depp “detoxing” and clearly in a lot of pain on a private plane flying from Boston to Los Angeles in 2014.

Heard’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn, read an email out loud that Depp had written to her the day following:

“Once again, I find myself in a place of shame and regret,”

“Of course I am sorry, I really don’t know why or what happened, but I will never do it again,”

“I want to get better for you and for me – I must. My illness somehow crept up and grabbed me. I can’t do it again, I can’t live like that again, and I know you can’t either.”

Watch below:



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