Johnny Depp’s Best Friend Emotionally Calls Out Amber Heard’s ‘Malicious Lie’


Johnny Depp’s best friend and former neighbor Isaac Bucha made a teary plea in front of the jury at the Depp and Amber Heard TV trial.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor launched a defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard in 2019, after the Aquaman star described herself as a victim of domestic abuse in a 2018 article she penned in The Washington Post.

In response to this, Heard filed a counterclaim for defamation, with a judge ruling that she could use a defence where her lawyers will argue she is deserving of immunity.

Bucha took Depp’s side when asked if he was angry at Heard, he responded:

““I want this all to end – her to go heal, him to go heal.”

“So many people have been affected by this malicious lie that she started and she [Amber Heard] created,”

“It’s not fair, it’s not right what she did, and what happened.”

“For so many people to get affected from this, it’s insane, how this happened.”

Watch below:


This case continues…


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