Jonah Hill’s Ex Shares ‘Abusive’ Texts He Allegedly Sent Her

Sarah Brady, former girlfriend of Jonah Hill, has come forward with allegations of emotional abuse against the actor, shedding light on the tumultuous end of their relationship.
In a powerful message shared on her Instagram Story on Friday, July 7, Brady, a 25-year-old professional surfer, issued a warning to all women about the importance of recognizing and addressing abusive behavior in relationships.

Brady bravely shared screenshots of text exchanges that depicted Hill, 39, making disturbing requests.

According to Brady, Hill asked her to remove any surfing photos from her Instagram that showed her wearing a thong.

In response, she deleted “all the posts” as requested. Hill then responded by stating that it was a “good start” but implied that Brady failed to understand his point.

“It’s not my place to teach you. I’ve made my boundaries clear,” Hill’s alleged message read. “You refuse to let go of some of them, and you’ve made that clear. I hope it makes you happy.”

While Hill has yet to address these allegations publicly, Brady countered his claims by asserting that she was not wearing a thong in the photos in question, but rather a swimsuit.

Brady contended that Hill’s comments were an attempt to exert control over her. She also explained that she complied with his requests in an effort to protect him from his severe anxiety.

“This past year has been a journey of healing and growth, with the support of loved ones and healthcare professionals, as I strive to live my life without guilt, shame, and self-judgment,” Brady wrote on Friday. “Even the smallest things, like wearing a swimsuit while surfing instead of a more modest wetsuit, had caused me immense pain. I know there is still much healing ahead of me after enduring this abuse.”

Hill and Brady went public with their relationship in August 2021, after Hill initiated contact through social media.

Brady shared some of their initial flirty messages on Friday, revealing Hill’s interest in her surfing photos before they officially became a couple. Brady felt compelled to disclose these experiences publicly, as harboring them internally had been detrimental to her mental well-being. She also expressed that she often took blame for Hill’s actions during their couples therapy sessions.

Additionally, Brady claimed that Hill accused her of having inadequate boundaries when it came to maintaining friendships with other men, a notion she vehemently denied on her social media platform. The exact timing of Hill and Brady’s breakup remains unconfirmed, but Hill began dating Olivia Millar in August 2022. News recently emerged that Hill and Millar secretly welcomed their first child.

Although Hill and Millar have not openly discussed their new roles as parents, Brady expressed her hope that they had a daughter. She wished that having a daughter might transform Hill into a true feminist, as she found his self-proclaimed feminist label to be laughable. Brady further stated her desire for Hill to be surrounded by feminist men who could hold him accountable for the personal growth he had expressed a desire for.

Brady acknowledged that individuals who engage in emotionally abusive behavior are not inherently terrible people, often acting out as a result of their own past trauma. Nevertheless, she stressed that such behavior should never be condoned or dismissed. Brady concluded by suggesting that fame can create an echo chamber, enabling emotionally abusive tendencies.

It is essential to shed light on Sarah Brady’s brave decision to speak out about her experiences, as it serves as a reminder of the significance of recognizing and addressing emotional abuse in relationships. Her story emphasizes the importance of holding individuals accountable and promoting healthier dynamics, even among those in the public eye.


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