Joy Behar S-Bomb Slips Past Censors on The View When Discussing Donald Trump


Joy Behar dropped an s-bomb on yesterdays episode of The View when talking about Donal Trump and the sensors missed it.

The View crew was filming a segment about Twitter possibly unbanning Donald Trump when Behar let something slip and it just wasn’t bleeped out in time.

The curse word was met with silence, as the host realised what she had said, and began to back track, saying “I didn’t say it, i didn’t say it,”

The 79-year-old said:

“I believe in free speech, this is what we do for a living. And I believe in the First Amendment. Not that this is covered by the First Amendment, because this is a privately-owned business, but, I mean, let us not forget that Trump was kicked off of Twitter because he was inciting an insurrection. It’s not because he said stupid things, because that’s, you know, he can say stupid things anywhere.”

Co-host Sara Haines chimed in, saying “Tweets before that” to which Behar responded:

“Yeah, exactly. The previous tweets were all dumb sh*t… stuff,”

The host quickly corrected herself, but it was simply too late as her curse word made it live on the air before the censors could hit the beep button…

Watch below:


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