Kanye West Suspended from Instagram After Attacks On Kim K, Pete Davidson & Trevor Noah


Trevor Noah put his thoughts across on the Kim Kardashian – Kanye West – Pete Davidson drama.

The host, who grew up in an abusive home, spoke about the bigger impact of West fighting with his ex-wife and her new boyfriend.

Kanye, who shares four children with the reality star, reacted to Noah’s dialogue on his Twitter using a racial slur.

On The Daily Show on Tuesday, Noah stated that the story “started very much in the land of tabloid,” but has become something “more people should pay attention to.”

The TV host then talks about the backstory of Kim and Kanye’s split, how Kim Kardashian started dating Pete Davidson and Kanye tried to win his ex back but now is just “harassing Kim.”

Noah also touched on West’s mental health saying:

“Over time, Kanye has become more and more belligerent in how he tries to get Kim back,”

“kanye west has told us that he struggles with his mental health”

“Kanye, you told us you have problems”

The host continues expressing his concern, being someone who grew up in an abusive home, about things escalating out of hand:

“what she’s going through is terrifying to watch and it shines a spotlight on what so many women go through when they choose to leave”

A thought provoking dialogue from the host.

Kanye retaliated by using a racial slur against Noah and has had his Instagram account temporarily suspended.

The social network confirmed it has locked the Kanye account – legally known as Ye – for 24 hours after the rapper violated Meta’s (who owns Instagram) hate speech policies.

The account suspension followed the rappers attack on Noah, repeatedly calling him a ‘k**n’ – a slang word said to be for a Black person who is anti-black.

People took to Twitter to share their thoughts:

Watch Noah’s show below:


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