Kat Von D Reveals Shocking Amount of Time She’s Spent Blacking Out Her Tattoos after Converting to Christianity


Kat Von D, renowned tattoo artist and former star of “LA Ink” and “Miami Ink,” has recently shared the extensive time she has invested in covering up her tattoos. Following her conversion to Christianity, Von D has chosen to black out her tattoos, which she now views as symbols of a past that no longer reflects her current self.

She described her tattoos as “landmarks in dark times” that “meant nothing to her” anymore. Opting for a dramatic transformation, she has been replacing her designs with solid black ink. This process, however, is not a quick one. Von D revealed that it has taken her 17 sessions to reach her current stage, amounting to approximately 40 hours of tattooing. She shared on Instagram, “17 sessions, and almost 40 accumulative hours later, we are about 80% done with blacking out my body.”

Given that she’s only 80% done, Von D anticipates roughly another 10 hours of work to complete the process. She explained her decision for removal, stating, “I had many tattoos that represented a part of my life that no longer aligns with who I am today.” She expressed a desire for a clean slate, finding satisfaction in seeing her arms without the old tattoos.

When asked why she chose to cover up her tattoos instead of opting for laser removal, Von D mentioned that she had started with laser removal but didn’t find it suitable for the extent of coverage she wanted to remove.

In addition to her tattoo transformation, Von D has embraced Christianity, as evidenced by a video of her baptism. Dressed in a white robe, she is seen being baptized by a Christian priest, who declares, “Katherine von Drachenberg, upon your profession of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in obedience to His Divine command, I baptise you, my sister, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”


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