Keanu Reeves Finally Reveals Why He Was So Sad In ‘Sad Keanu’ Meme


If you think there’s a better and kinder person in Hollywood than Keanu Reeves, then you’re wrong. It’s as simple as that. You’re wrong.

And after years and years of us wanting to hug him because of the sad Keanu meme, we finally know what was on his mind. And it’s super relatable.

On The Late Show, Keanu finally explained what was going on in the photo of him eating a sandwich and looking awfully sad.

It turns out, he was mostly just hungry. Sad because he was hungry. Could you love him any more?

He explained:

 “I’m just eating a sandwich, man. I was thinking. I had some stuff going on. I was hungry.”

While we’re here, Keanu’s advice on dealing with anxiety is also something we should all read.

“Breathe. You have to breathe. Try to figure out why you are afraid. What does that mean. Try to just be! Not let what you are afraid of define the present that you hope to be in when you go do what you are afraid of.”


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