Kendall Jenner Wears a Pantless Outfit And People Are Freaking Out


In a fashion spectacle that left everyone questioning if they were seeing Kendall Jenner or a floating pompom, the model graced the runway at the Jacquemus show at Chateau de Versailles in Paris.

Wrapped in a cloud of fluffy fabric and opting for zero pants, Jenner brought a unique pompom chic to the event.

This pants-free moment by Kendall Jenner demands a closer look. Titled “Le Chouchou,” the show drew inspiration from iconic figures Princess Diana and Marie Antoinette, hence the majestic Versailles setting.

While it’s unlikely that the late Princess of Wales would have donned a high-fashion mini cloud dress with bloomers resembling diapers, Jenner’s sleek chignon, drop earrings, and collar necklace undeniably channeled a Diana-esque vibe.



? som original – BASSONg?

The “dress” (if one could call it that) featured an off-the-shoulder design, billowing out like a delightful puff of cotton candy.

It stopped at Jenner’s hips, barely qualifying as a micro-mini.

Beneath the cloud-like silhouette, she wore matching underwear that seamlessly blended with the voluminous pompom aesthetic, albeit bearing a slight resemblance to couture diapers…


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? som original – Eduarda Rebouças

Completing the ensemble, Jenner sported white square-toe heels with delicate lace details and straps, while her nails boasted a chic red hue for a touch of regality.

She appeared as if she could effortlessly float away and join the cloud people in the sky.

However, instead of taking flight, she hitched a ride in a golf cart courtesy of her friend and fellow model, Gigi Hadid, who also graced the show’s runway.


Backstage X Runway with #GigiHadid & #KendallJenner for #Jacquemus “LE CHOUCHOU” ???

? sonido original – lyrsae

This pants-free moment from Kendall Jenner should come as no surprise, as the model has a history of shunning traditional bottoms.

In November 2022, she swapped pants for tights and Bottega Veneta panties, and at the 2023 Met Gala, she confidently posed on the red carpet in a Marc Jacobs bodysuit featuring oversized sleeves and towering platforms, with no pants in sight.

Will the ethereal cloud couture look resonate with the general public?

It may not be the ideal attire for a trip to the grocery store, and its reception at a wedding might be mixed.

However, there is indeed a time and place for embracing a shower loofah aesthetic… maybe? What are your thoughts?


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