Kim Kardashian Brings Hair and Make-Up Team and Her Own Lighting to Get Her Driver’s License Photo Taken

Kim Kardashian brought her hair and make-up team, as well as her own lighting, to the DMV for her driver’s license picture, adding a touch of glamour to the otherwise mundane experience.

In an episode of The Kardashians, the 42-year-old reality star arrived at the DMV accompanied by her trusted makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, and hairstylist, Chris Appleton.

Kardashian was dressed in a sleeveless black mock-neck top, an oversized varsity jacket, and flaunted her $450 Balenciaga pedicure flip-flops.


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During her visit, the topic of her height sparked a debate as Kardashian insisted she was “half an inch” taller than her listed height of 5’3″ on her license. Additionally, she deliberated whether to include “West” in her name but ultimately decided to stick with Kardashian.

When it was time for her license photo, Kardashian worked her magic and effortlessly captured some stunning shots, although she did request another attempt. It’s safe to say that her DMV experience differed greatly from the usual trip to a photo booth in a local store.

Fans had mixed reactions to Kardashian’s extravagant behavior. Many praised her for going the extra mile to look glamorous in her license photo. One admirer commented, “This is what all girls would do if they could. so I respect it,” while another wrote, “She took ‘never caught unfresh’ to a whole other level.”

However, not everyone was impressed with Kardashian’s lavish approach. One critic called it “the most tone-deaf thing” they had ever seen, while another expressed frustration at the idea of planning a trip to the DMV only to find it closed because of Kardashian’s pampering session.

The reactions to Kardashian’s actions were clearly divided. Some found it amusing and admitted they secretly wished they could take similar liberties, while others felt it showcased a disconnect from the realities of everyday life.

It’s worth noting that Kardashian is not the first celebrity to make a spectacle out of a DMV visit. Victoria Beckham famously dressed up for her license photo and even requested a do-over when she was dissatisfied with the initial picture. However, the DMV employee was not inclined to indulge her vanity.

In the end, the debate around Kardashian’s DMV adventure highlights the contrasting opinions about celebrities’ privileges and their ability to turn ordinary tasks into extravagant affairs.


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